Edge Wallet is the Official Wallet of the Miami Crypto Experience

On November 10th, thousands of attendees from Miami and around the world are expected to come together for the 2nd ever Miami Crypto Experience, an education and experience focused conference at the James L. Knight Center.

Miami, FL — Sept 29, 2021 — Today it was announced that Edge Wallet, the multi-currency super app, will be the Official Wallet of the event. Edge Wallet, formerly Airbitz, is considered by many to be one of the most powerful self-custody mobile wallets on the market.

Over the course of the conference the Edge Team will host workshops exploring the features of edge wallet and how users can get the most out of the app. Edge CEO and Co-founder Paul Puey is set to give a keynote presentation on the importance of self-custody in order to be self-sovereign.

“We see Miami as a hotbed for innovation and adoption of crypto” said Paul Puey. “By hosting workshops and making ourselves available to the community our goal is to add gasoline to the fire of adoption.”

The conference organizers feel the same way. “We firmly believe that Edge Wallet is the ultimate on-ramp for crypto. It’s intuitive, powerful, and proven secure; for these reasons we are comfortable encouraging attendees and vendors to use Edge” said Bruno Sessions, Founder of the Miami Crypto Experience. “Crypto is about so much more than just HODLing; it is a completely new system but in order to fully realize it’s potential you need to be in control and have a tool like edge in your toolbox.”

The event is being marketed to anyone interested in crypto whether they are new or an expert. Tickets are currently available for $349 and include a limited edition NFT ticket. To purchase your ticket or to learn more about the conference, speakers, sponsors and workshops go to http://expcrypto.io. To download Edge Wallet go to https://dl.edge.app/miami